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Nothing is more peaceful than a sleeping baby. And when your little one has trouble falling and staying asleep, the entire household feels the stress. The Slumber Academy can help you establish healthy, developmentally appropriate sleep habits for your baby. With our help, you can rest easy, knowing your baby is getting the best possible sleep.



Hi, I'm Nakayla Von Raeder, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

As a mom and certified sleep consultant, I can show you how to resolve the issues that are interfering with your little one’s healthy sleep habits and create a customized sleep plan that is aligned to your philosophies, child's personality, temperament and stage of development.

Sleep Consulting With The Slumber Academy

As a caring, highly trained sleep consultant, I bring a broad knowledge of scientifically proven approaches to match your family's needs. Unlike rigid one-size-fits-all programs that promise results but only deliver frustration, I will help you find what works best for your family, so that all members are happy, healthy and well-rested.


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What to Expect

Step 1: Purchase a Sleep Package 

Step 2: Complete a questionnaire

Step 3: Receive your personalized Sleep Plan

Step 4: Consult/Training Phone Call

Step 5: Implement the plan with support from The Slumber Academy

 ENJOY your much needed rest!

What Well Rested Parents Say

"Nakayla was a literal answer to prayer for me and my family. After my first born, I thought we would have no problem sleep training my second... but after months of methods not working - I felt drained emotionally, physically and mentally! I was referred to Nakayla by a friend, and was skeptical if she would have anything new I hadn't tried. But I felt open to trying anything - and man, am I thankful I kept an open mind! She gave me tools and tips I honestly didn't think my son would follow, but he ended up thriving under! Nakayla's support and guidance was amazing for this tired mom. I felt seen, and validated by her. She catered the training to our schedule and lifestyle, as well as my son's temperament. I can't recommend her services enough! If you are struggling with sleep training - I would 100% guarantee this is worth the investment for a happy baby/mommy/daddy sleep schedule!"

Caylin M.

"I can’t thank Nakayla enough for what she did for my family. Last year, I had a baby when my oldest was 2.5. At the same time, he had started climbing out of his crib, so we converted him to a toddler bed. That’s when all of our problems started. Initiallly, he just wouldn’t go to sleep on his own, but that quickly turned into he wouldn’t sleep alone - at all. Fast forward a year and my 3.5 year old has been in my bed and won’t go to sleep independently. Add in the fact that I’m pregnant with my 3rd and I was starting to feel helpless. Insert a literal angel - Nakayla. She has been so supportive and informative since the beginning. We had a wonderful video call and my son even got to talk to her! We implemented our plan a week ago and he has been falling asleep independently AND staying in his bed all night. I highly recommend her and her services!!"

Brianna H.