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Neurodivergent Sleep Solutions to go 
From Surviving to Thriving

 When your child has trouble falling and staying asleep, the entire household feels the stress. The Slumber Academy will help you establish healthy, developmentally appropriate sleep habits for your child. With our help, you can rest easy, knowing your child is getting the best possible sleep.

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FREE Masterclass

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If your Neurodivergent child is having sleep challenges, grab this FREE Masterclass to stop bedtime battles and get the whole house sleeping all night long. 

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I'm a certified sleep consultant and Neurodivergent sleep specialist with hundreds of hours of training and experience helping families navigate tricky sleep issues.


I'm also a mom whose child has combined type ADHD. I've been there. I know that new parents often feel overjoyed and overwhelmed -- sometimes, all at once. That's why I'm so passionate about helping families establish good, healthy sleep habits for their little ones.


This sleep program will help you understand what to expect and how to help your child-- and you -- get the healthy, restful sleep you need to thrive.

The Slumber Academy brings a broad knowledge of scientifically proven approaches to match your family's needs. We have developed a unique sleep program designed specifically for parents of neurodivergent children! Unlike rigid one-size-fits-all programs that promise results but only deliver frustration, I will help you find what works best for your family, so that all members are happy, healthy and well-rested.

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Restored Call

Q&A Call
What's included:
Comprehensive Sleep Analysis


One Hour Phone Consultation

1 Follow Up Email 

Sleep Restored

Full Support
What's included:
Comprehensive Sleep Analysis

Personalized Sleep Plan

One Hour Phone Consultation

4 Weeks Text Support (8am-9pm)

2 Follow Up Emails
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Bringing peace to families one night at a time

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Our Sleep Programs are Insurance Approved

Don't pay a dime for sleep support by using FSA/HSA 

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Purchase Sleep Package 


Complete a questionnaire


Receive your personalized Sleep Plan


Consult/Training Phone Call
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Implement the plan with support from The Slumber Academy
Don't know what package to get or see one
that accommodates your needs?

Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to get started with your personalized sleep plan. 


Real People. Real Results


Melissa Miller

"If you’re a momma who’s little is struggling with sleep or doesn’t sleep, contact Nakayla with Slumber Academy! You won’t regret it!!...Amelia went from sleeping 4 hrs a day to sleeping 10 hrs a day within 24hrs! She now averages 10-12 hrs of sleep a day in just 2 weeks And on top that she is now sleeping in her own bed, when prior she co-sleeped because her separation anxiety was so bad at night she needed to be touching me in order to not have an anxiety attack! But wait, there’s more! Some of her behavioral problems & sensory issues have gone away! After 20 months of praying and little to no sleep, the Lord sent us Nakayla! Nakayla was able to accommodate all of our anxieties and help me use gentle responsive techniques (no harsh methods) to help Amelia! Her support & encouragement along the way is the best part… other than not being sleep deprived anymore

I literally cannot thank her enough for being a true blessing to our family in our great time of

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