Nakayla Von Raeder

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

& ADHD Sleep Specialist


I was lucky with my own children, they could sleep through a hurricane. Even when we have people over, I’ve always been able to tuck in my kiddos at bedtime, give them kisses and walk out of the room as they drift off to dreamland. So, I never thought much about healthy sleep habits - that is, until I agreed to take care of a 22-month-old child for a few weeks. It was clear when he came to my home that he was exhausted. TIred-eyed and fussy, he just couldn’t seem to relax and explore.

Both he and mom were tired and at their wits’ end. “He doesn’t nap,” she said, “and he hardly sleeps at night.” That first day I did manage to get him down for a 30-minute nap. By day three, I had him on a 2-hour daily napping schedule. It changed his whole mood and demeanor! He was happy, curious and calm. I knew then that I was called to help other families resolve their sleep issues. There’s just no overestimating how important good quality sleep is for families, and I’m honored to help.

The Slumber Academy specializes in drawing out root issues that may be interfering with your baby's sleep and well-being.

 I am a strong advocate of responsive and attachment parenting, and I want my clients to feel heard and valued as we work together. You know your child best.

During my certification I obtained more than 200 hours of training and hands-on experience, along with an additional ADHD sleep certification. I am CPR certified, insured, and take continued education courses every year to make sure I’m up to date on the latest research and methods. 

Here at The Slumber Academy, we create personalized sleep plans that are evidence and science based. They incorporate factors like lactation, nutrition, and creating a safe sleep space for your baby.


I’ll never ask you to force your child to “cry it out” all night. You’ll be able to choose from two sleep plans to find the one that best suits your family. I will make adjustments along the way in order to ensure you are set up for success. 

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