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Mother with her Child

Newborn Sleep Help

Are you ready to set healthy sleep foundations from the start?

If you have a newborn who is struggling to sleep, then you're going to want to read every word!

You had a clear step-by-step plan to follow to get your newborn sleeping better. Know exactly what to expect in the first 12 weeks of life and gain the confidence you need to get your baby sleeping!

Imagine If

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The Ultimate Newborn Sleep Guide

Newborn Guide

Let's solve your sleep issues today!

This is for you if:


You want to enjoy your newborn and not feel like a mombie

You are currently snuggling a baby under 12 weeks of age

You are an expecting mother who wants the confidence to develop healthy sleep habits 

Now you can get sleep too - and its easier than you think!

What You'll Leran


You'll find out a simple trick for soothing your baby - no more struggling to calm your fussy child.


You will get the complete list of schedules and routines that makes getting good sleep easier than ever! 


Receive a complete set of tips that make independent sleep easier than ever to achieve


You'll find out what expert sleep consultants know about Newborn sleep - and how you too can get your child to sleep with ease.

And much, much more - this Newborn Guide gives you everything you need to know to confidently get your baby sleeping!


Caylin McGuire

Nakayla was a literal answer to prayer for me and my family. After my first born, I thought we would have no problem sleep training my second... but after months of methods not working - I felt drained emotionally, physically and mentally! I was referred to Nakayla by a friend, and was skeptical if she would have anything new I hadn't tried. But I felt open to trying anything - and man, am I thankful I kept an open mind! She gave me tools and tips I honestly didn't think my son would follow, but he ended up thriving under!

Nakayla's support and guidance was amazing for this tired mom.


I felt seen, and validated by her. She catered the training to our schedule and lifestyle, as well as my son's temperament. I can't recommend her services enough! If you are struggling with sleep training - I would 100% guarantee this is worth the investment for a happy baby/mommy/daddy sleep schedule!


I'm a certified sleep consultant with hundreds of hours of training and experience helping families navigate tricky sleep issues.


I'm also a mom. I've been there. I know that new parents often feel overjoyed and overwhelmed -- sometimes, all at once. That's why I'm so passionate about helping families establish good, healthy sleep habits for their little ones.


The newborn sleep bundle will help you understand what to expect and how to help your baby -- and you -- get the healthy, restful sleep you need to thrive.

Sweet Dreams,



Hey, I'm Nakayla!

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