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5 Myths on Sleep Consulting Preventing Parents to Hire Them

There are a lot of misconceptions about sleep consulting and these are the same reasons why parents often hesitate to hire them. In fact, there are more reasons than you can count on your fingers why you should hire one especially if you have a neurodivergent or special needs child. Hence, it is important that you are aware of these 5 myths before hiring a sleep consultant:

Myth #1: Sleep Consultants won’t tell you anything different than what you can find on Google/Sleep Consultants won’t tell you anything you already don’t know

Oftentimes, there are things that you’re doing, or not doing, that are preventing your neurodivergent child from being able to fall asleep on their own, from having a restful sleep, or even from following a sleep routine.

That’s where a sleep consultant comes in. Many parents have a sense of relief after finishing their first call with a sleep consultant, because they finally feel understood.

They offer parents a personalized plan and make themselves available for follow-up support. Google or other generic recommendations do not take your Childs special personality or needs into consideration when it comes to sleep.

They will answer your questions, spot potential problems, and adjust what they offer.

I, myself, have a child with ADHD so I have quite literally been in your shoes.

I know the challenges you’re going through and also how life-changing a sleep program can be for your child and for the entire family.

I genuinely care about every family I talk to and make sure to listen to your unique challenges on our initial call.

Once you have chosen me your sleep consultant and sign up to work with me, I will give you tools for you to teach your neurodivergent child to fall asleep independently and restfully.

Myth #2: Sleep Consultants Have to be Hired Instantly

A sleep consultant guides parents in how to help their child learn to fall asleep without their help.

Before hiring a sleep consultant, it's important to understand the exact details of their sleep program.

That is why I offer first complimentary 15-minute calls so we can talk about how I support families with their neurodivergent child’s sleep problems and also for me to learn your current circumstances so we can make sure we can come to a plan where you will feel the most comfortable with implementing for your child and your family.

If techniques or advice recommended by the sleep consultant make you, as parents, feel uncomfortable, the sleep consultant should be prepared to make adjustments according to what works best for your child and your family.

It is recommended that parents try to find someone who is qualified but whose approach fits with the way they prefer to communicate. This will make the process a lot more comfortable and easier for everyone.

Myth #3: Sleep Programs are stressful for the child and can affect parent-child relationships.

On the contrary, it’s quite the opposite. Sleep consultants will be your gateway to better sleep for your neurodivergent child and yourself too!

Sleep consultants are like coaches. Also, note that Sleep Consulting is different from Sleep Training.

Actually, as both a Sleep Consultant and Neurodivergent Specialist, I don’t do much of what we commonly know as ‘Sleep Training’.

A lot of what I do is dealing with fears, anxiety, sensory needs, relaxation, nutrition, etc. so it helps the bond between you and your neurodivergent child, not hinder it.

One of a Sleep Consultant’s goals is to make sure your child and your sleepless nights will no longer take a toll on your child’s and own health and relationships.

Myth #4: There will be no more tears during the execution of the sleep program.

There will be some crying involved. If the sleep consultant tells you there will be no more tears then they are lying to you!

We are changing your neurodivergent child’s sleep associations and we are trying to create new healthy sleep habits.

In order to do this, we are making changes and children are NOT fond of change, at all!

Neurodivergent children (especially those with Autism) struggle with change, and that's normal!

They will surely protest the changes and they express this by crying, meltdown, aggression, etc.

Many people have misconceptions about sleep programs, but it is important to realize that The Slumber Academy's will pose no harm to your child. Sleep, on its self, is a learned skill for neurodivergent child. It is not something that comes naturally.

Together we are giving them skills to last a lifetime and doing it in a manner that is respectful and beneficial to them.

All of their needs are being and will be met.

Myth #5: Sleep Consulting is expensive

This is one of the most common myths about sleep consulting. In fact, this myth has led many parents to think that hiring a sleep consultant is expensive and hence, they should not bother with it.

However, this is not true at all. In fact, you can even reimburse the entire cost if you have HSA / FSA. Learn more about this in this article I have written previously, “How to Pay with HSA/FSA Insurance for Help with your Neurodivergent Child's Sleep Challenges”.

Having a sleep consultant is feeling secured that you will receive the support you need while having an expert walk you through the process.

This also ensures you have the best chance of success, as opposed to continuing to go at it alone (which obviously isn’t working).

Having a Sleep Consultant will also mean that you’re never questioning whether or not you’re doing the right thing.

Hiring a sleep consultant means you have a solid plan moving forward plus, if something isn’t going as planned, the follow-up support is available to tweak or make changes as needed.

Trying to achieve healthy sleep in your home can lead to many other good things and lots of great opportunities.

When your neurodivergent child and your family, get enough sleep, you can improve the entire family’s health and development, most especially your neurodivergent child.

Plus, having a predictable day lowers stress significantly, for everyone.

Aren’t these enough reasons to get the help you deserve and need for such a long time?

Sleep consulting involves spending a short time but with precious outcomes.

It provides you with plenty of time for other commitments you have in your day-to-day life.

It often gives you the feeling of relief, as the sleepless night issues are now more manageable and can finally start to resolve.

It often brings smiles back on faces filled with frustrated exhaustion just a few days ago.

If your child is having sleep challenges, watch my FREE Masterclass!

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