A Sleep Consultant's Top 5 Recommend Sleep Products for a Neurodivergent Child

A client asked me to write this blog and share with you the top 5 products I would recommend to the parents of a neurodivergent child (individuals with autism, ADD/ ADHD, OCD, or otherwise) to pave the way for their child's good night's sleep.

A known fact is that sleep is an important factor in overall wellness. Not getting enough quality sleep can impact one's mood and ability to perform day-to-day tasks. If not addressed, this could lead to meltdowns at school or work and even poor behavior. It is important as a parent to ensure your child is sleeping well every night so that they have a bright and productive day ahead of them!

The intention of this blog is to help make a neurodivergent child's life easier by offering them the best sleep products. I'll be discussing some of the top recommended sleep products. Having a neurodivergent child can be stressful for you, but it doesn't need to be. I'll go in-depth with some great tips so that you can raise your neurodivergent child with confidence.

Weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are designed to relieve stress by providing pressure on the body. This sense of weight releases the important serotonin chemical in the brain, creating calmness.

Weighted blankets are not new and that is because occupational therapists have been using them for a long time. In fact, these blankets work in a similar way to the deep touch pressure therapy technique.

Using a weighted blanket is just another children and adults with ADHD can self-regulate and feel more relaxed.

This compact blanket won't take up your whole bed, but it can improve your relaxation and even help manage some symptoms.

The Slumber Academy Weighted Blanket which has 4 weight options and is about 36x48 inches. It’s best for 20-40 pounds children. It comes in a minkey dot fabric and will definitely make your kids that gentle feeling of being hugged. It’s also kid-safe as it is made of breathable fabric! The best feature of this blanket is the duvet cover, which makes it easily washable.

Hatch Restore

It’s a baby sound machine, night light, and time-to-rise sleep trainer, with white noise soother, alarm clock, and nightlight. It’s cooler as it can be controlled remotely via a mobile app.

One of the coolest features of the Hatch Restore is its Restore Sunrise Alarm which gently wakes your child up with light instead of sound. This gradual exposure to light at dawn helps your body to produce cortisol, the hormone that wakes you up naturally and gently. Exposure to light plays a major role in regulating your circadian rhythm, which is key for maintaining a steady sleeping pattern. Waking up with a gradual increase in the brightness of your alarm clock leaves you feeling more refreshed and renewed.

We have previously discussed in another blog entitled “How Light Therapy Helps Your Neurodiverse Child to Have Better Sleep” how this could be a treatment that is worth considering if your child is struggling with mood, sleep, or energy issues.

The Hatch Restore contains a rich library of sounds, 22 different lighting color options, as well as a fully customizable bedtime and mood lighting.

The Hatch Restore Light is compatible with a companion app that helps you track your sleep and make adjustments accordingly.

You can also personalize your sleep routine on the app to match your specific needs.

The Hatch Restore is backed by a 60-night sleep trial and a 1-year warranty.

Sleep Out Curtains

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When you are traveling with your child, this one is a must in your travel bags. It's best to recreate the sleep habits and sleep environment for your neurodivergent child even when traveling.

Here are some details on the Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain 2.0:

  1. It can be installed on any window.

  2. It’s made of Certified thermal-insulating 100% blackout fabric. Sterling grey with ecru cotton flocking and soft microfiber finish. It’s certified for it’s quality and free from harmful substances.

  3. It has 2 BPA-free industrial-strength suction cups with strong reliable fastener strips.

  4. Each travel curtain measures 52” x 76" (about 4.5 x 6.5 feet) and weighs 1.95 lbs. (0.88 kg)

  5. You can install this temporary blackout curtain either vertically or horizontally. Plus its Modular design adjusts to fit different window sizes.

  6. It comes with a durable carrying bag with duffel straps and a reinforced zipper.

One of the most important features of a portable blackout blind is that it creates darkness, and I can say after testing this travel blackout curtain that this is true for it.

The blackout fabric has thermal insulation too, meaning the room will remain cool even when the sun is shining bright. The curtain's density also blocks light, which can help you get a good night’s sleep.

The suction cups are industrial strength, which can attach to a window and hold on. Why worry about your portable blackout blinds falling down in the middle of the night?

The carrying bag is really a plus factor for buying this sleep product. If you find yourself short on time, then the bag keeps the worry away when packing for travel.

So keep these important points in mind for considering this sleep product:

💤Increase sleep time and quality

😊 Wake up feeling fully rested

🧪Produce more melatonin

🛡️Thermaguard™ fabric blocks heat and sound

🥇Greenguard® & OEKO® certified

Sleep Bath and Sleep Lotion

By the time you reach the end of an exhausting day, a bath can be easy to skip. Can it actually play a crucial role in your neurodivergent child’s sleep thou