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How to Pay with HSA/FSA Insurance for Help with your Neurodivergent Child's Sleep Challenges

Yes! So many people don't know that FSA or HSA can cover sleep programs to help your child get the sleep they need. Several of our clients have been able to optimize their child’s sleep with the help of a remote program because they've used their FSA or HSA benefits.

In today's article, we'll dive deeper into The Slumber Academy's Sleep Restored program and how you can pay for them through your FSA or HSA insurance. We'll also explore the common sleep problems for children with neurodivergence, and our very own SLEEP RESTORED PROGRAM.


Let’s start by knowing what the SLEEP RESTORED program is. The Sleep Restored Program aims to help families establish good, healthy sleep habits for their little ones. The Sleep Restored Program will help you understand what to expect and how to help your child-- and you -- get the healthy, restful sleep you need to thrive. The Sleep Restored Program is a scientifically proven approach to helping parents of neurodivergent children. Unlike rigid, one-size-fits-all programs that promise results but only deliver frustration, we'll help you figure out what will work best for your family. We consider factors like sensory needs, relaxation strategies, nutrition, daytime activities and anxiety. Your child is incorporated into the process as much as possible in order to give them a sense of control in regards to the new changes.

Our 1:1 Sleep Coaching and Sleep Program actually entails 5-simple steps:

  1. Understand your child's sleep habits and challenges.

  2. Create a sleep plan tailored to your child's needs.

  3. Get 1:1 training to teach you how to implement the plan.

  4. Receive 4 weeks of support to make sure you're on track.

  5. Troubleshoot any remaining challenges.

Now, let’s talk about FSA and HSA. Sleep programs are sometimes included under FSA and HSA plans which allow insurance to cover the cost. Several of our clients have been able to optimize sleep for their children because they have used their FSA or HSA benefits for just that.

What is FSA versus HSA?

What is a flexible spending account, also known as FSA?

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are accounts you can use to pay for qualified medical expenses. You can contribute up to Two thousand five hundred USD ($2,500) per annum. This money can then be used to pay for certain medical expenses, such as doctor visits, prescription drugs, etc. The money stays in the account until used or until you reach age 70½.

What is an HSA?

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a particular type of savings account that allows you to save money for future health care expenses. It's like an FSA but instead of using pre-tax dollars—which means you get back a smaller amount after taxes—you put money into an HSA when a company with an HSA plan employs you so it grows tax-free.

How does insurance work for The Sleep Restored Program?

The Sleep Restored Program is an investment in your neurodivergent child’s physical and mental health. However, if you want to enroll in the Sleep Restored Program and require insurance for your purchase, then the cost of coverage can vary depending on the program you choose.

How can you use FSA for The Sleep Restored Program?

Earlier we touched on the basics of FSA; now we should talk about how you can use it for the Sleep Restored Program.

Educational & child care costs are among the eligible out-of-pocket health care expenses for FSA. Some examples of these expenses are:

Your child will need to be added as a dependent to the account.

There are different requirements involved in the sleep industry, so you may need to do some research. Some parents might have trouble getting their neurodivergent child to fall asleep, stay asleep, or wake in the morning. Fortunately, health institutes and insurance companies often cover the cost of sleep coaching programs. This includes the cost of health-related workshops, retreats, and more.

To have your Sleep Restored approved and reimbursed for FSA, you need to:

  • Come in contact with your FSA administrator before you hire a sleep trainer. They will inform you of the necessary paperwork, like a release of information form.

  • To get a “letter of medical necessity” you should call your pediatrician and ask the front desk staff. They should be able to help coordinate the process.

  • You may pay for sleep consulting upfront and send the receipt to FSA. I'll provide you with a receipt, which the FSA will use to reimburse the expense.

How can you use HSA for sleep programs?

Among other things, you can use your HSA debit card to pay for sleep consulting services here.

It’s up to you how much you'll contribute to your HSA account each year. However, keep in mind that there’s a government-mandated maximum. Unlike with FSA, the money in your HSA account will never expire.

  • Call your HSA provider before you buy Sleep Restored. Depending on the type of plan, you may have to get pre-approval from your carrier. Ask about the required paperwork and what information is needed from you when submitting payment.

  • To start an HSA account, you will receive a debit card or checks that are linked to your HSA balance.

  • Once you have a Health Savings Account (HSA), you use it to pay for eligible healthcare expenses. This means that you can use the healthcare savings account HSA debit card to pay your sleep program expenses rather than worry about cash or a credit card.

Remember this good news, withdrawals are only taxed if they are not used for eligible expenses.

Overall, if you're eligible for an HSA/FSA account, don't hesitate to get one.

This will allow you to save on your tax burden and be prepared for any medical costs that come up in the future.

Have any questions about our SLEEP-RESTORED PROGRAM coverage and how it applies to your neurodivergent children? Contact us for a free consultation now.

Who is Nakayla?

The Slumber Academy's Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant & Neurodivergent Sleep Specialist

Getting a certification as a Sleep Consultant and one that is also a Neurodivergent Sleep Specialist means you will be trained in all aspects of sleep-related challenges in newborns to teenagers and neurodivergent as well as neurotypical children alike.

Nakayla works with families to help them resolve sleep issues, regardless of their child's age and special needs.

The Slumber Academy tailors each sleep plan to your Neurodivergernt child's specific needs and personality.

Nakayla has been thoroughly trained for over 6 months on general sleep, Neurodivergent sleep, and continues to do 1 additional related course each month in order to continue education and to give each family the support with the maximum amount of knowledge possible.

Nakayla's qualifications at the Slumber Academy includes but is not limited to the following key concepts and techniques:

  • Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits from Birth Through Teen Years

  • Working with Families of Neurodivergent Kids

  • Stages and Transitions: Biological Sleep Milestones

  • Common Sleeping Challenges and Solutions

  • Sensory Integration

  • Nutrition

  • Relaxation Strategies

  • Sleep Consulting Ethics

  • and more…

I hope this answers some of the questions you had about Sleep Restored and how you can pay with insurance so you can get started! If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below or contact me for your complimentary 15-minute no-obligation consult [BOOK HERE]


You can also download some FREE SLEEPING GUIDES here 👇

“No Nonsense” Secret to Sleep for your Neurodivergent Child

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