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Scrolling through Pinterest and YouTube, looking for the perfect solution to get your neurodivergent child to calm down

Finally, you say…


“I am beyond exhausted, and my mental and physical health is suffering.” 


Looking at your child, feeling guilty and helpless that you’re not able to help calm him down, makes you upset.

Do these sound like you?

You’re spending hours trying to calm your neurodivergent child down, desperate for a good night’s sleep.


You’re about to grab your third cup of coffee, barely surviving on willpower.


You feel you’ve tried everything, but nothing seems effective.


You don’t want to come down to taking supplements or medication to aid your child.


All these sleepless nights cost your relationship, health, and mental wellness.


You don’t have any personal time or date time with your husband.


You’re beyond exhausted and tired because you are losing sleep, patience, and sanity.


You’re frustrated because your child has ADHD and you have searched for the solution, but nothing worked. Now you’re feeling alone, tired, and helpless.

You see...

Traditional sleeping techniques don’t work on neurodivergent children because they have different strengths and challenges, which results in needing different methods to wind down before sleep.


Since neurodivergent children are restless in bed and unable to reduce their racing minds, you need to find an easy and effective routine that supports that tailored for neurodivergent children.


Your neurodivergent sleep consultant helps families discover their child’s root cause of their sleep challenges and build a personalized plan, so they can finally have calm and peace in their family.


After my doctor diagnosed my son with combined-type ADHD, I was on a mission to search for the best sleeping solution for my son. I’ve tried many typical sleeping and calming techniques out on the market.


But none of them works because neurodivergent children needs special relax method that tailor them.


After getting certified as a sleep consultant, I have helped countless helpless moms with neurodivergent children to find the perfect solution for their children.


After trial and error, I’ve finally found a proven method to help neurodivergent children calm down faster and sleep better. 


Now I’m on a mission to help moms with neurodivergent children have peaceful nights without sacrificing mental wellness.

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This is why From Resisting to Resting Course helps you find calmness and teaches you the proven methods to help your child wind down faster and sleep better through a holistic approach.

Introducing From Resisting to Resting Course, a self-paced course that teaches you the PROVEN method to help your Neurodivergent child wind down for bed in less time through a holistic approach, so that you and your child can find tranquility and sleep better.

From Resisting to Resting is a self-paced course that helps neurodivergent children calm the body and mind in less time through fail-proof sleeping techniques, mindfulness, and relaxation method.

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What does it look like inside?


Module 1

Quiet Hour, so you can take out the guesswork and have an easy routine that works every single time.

The golden hour isn’t about the pretty sunset, it’s about getting into a state of relaxation before hitting bed.


This is why in this module, you will learn my EXACT routine that I help my ADHD son relax, snuggle up, and get ready to sleep.


Module 2

Calm Corner, so you can have more patience and calmness for yourself and teach your kids to develop emotional wellness.

In this “Calm Corner,” you will learn how to help your child reduce stress and anxiety with effective coping skills, so you and your child can find calmness.


Module 3

Fool-Proof Relaxation techniques, so you can enjoy the Netflix shows that you’ve been dying to catch up on without feeling guilty.

Looking for a holistic way to relax and relieve stress? This is where you will master breathing and mindfulness techniques to cope with any situation.


Module 4

Expert Speaker, no more boring activities that your child can’t stick to! 

Learn the expert-approve breathing techniques are fun and easy to follow along with videos, so they can relax in less time.

Don’t just take my word for it, see what my clients have to say:

Real People. Real Results

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After you get your hands on this, you’ll…


Streamline your pre sleep routines, so you can craft an enjoyable evening for the entire family that reduces stress and emphasizes bonding. 


Create a calm corner, so your child can reduce stress and anxiety as well as manage their emotions. 


Fool-Proof Relaxation Techniques, to calm your child's body and mind to enter a state of relaxation and prepare for sleep. 


Expert guided breathing and mindfulness exercises 


Coping skills, so you can help your child navigate their emotions.

What’s a peaceful night worth to you? Many pay THOUSANDS of dollars a year for sleep products and supplements with no real results.

The regular price for this course is ONLY $97

I’m on a mission to help moms to get peaceful nights, and neurodivergent children sleep through the night so that they can have a joyful family. This is why I’m offering this price and bonus.


I’m SO READY for peaceful nights! What’s next?


After you join the course, you’ll get immediately receive a confirmation email with login access so you can jump right into it. Simply make a ONE payment of $97.


How is it different from other sleeping courses?

Because the traditional sleeping techniques aren’t effective for Neurodivergent children because their brain process differently, very sensitive to their environment, nutrition, and light than typical children. This is why this course is TAILORED for neurodivergent children from 0 to 12.


If you are a mama with hyperactive children, who can’t focus during class time, and can’t sleep through the night. This course is for you!


I don’t have hyperactive children. Would it still work for me?

Absolutely! All these proven techniques are 100% transferrable to children who don’t need special needs.

My holistic approach to helping your child relax works because it considers hypersensitive children.


Why would it work for me?

Nakayla is a certified sleep consultant who has helped countless exhausted families find peace and a good night’s sleep for good. After my doctor diagnosed my son with combined-type ADHD, I found the perfect solution to help my son sleep better.


I’m ready for some good night’s sleep and save time on bedtime routine! What’s next?

Simply click here to join the course. You’ll immediately receive a confirmation email with login access so you can jump right into it!

The Ultimate Sleep Course for Neurodivergent Children

Say goodbye to hours-long bedtime routine and find calmness within your family.

Proven Techniques Get Your Neurodivergent to Relax and Wind down before bed in less time, so they can sleep better.

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