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Welcome to the ONLY sleep program designed for  Neurodivergent Children

 This proven system helps parents create a personalized sleep plan to fit your child's unique needs while working toward better sleep without medication.

Frustrated with your child's sleep?


That`s why you are reading this, with the desperate hope to end your child`s sleep troubles.  


Sleepless nights take a heavy toll on the well-being of not only the child but the entire family!


It drains you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Dread and nervousness as evening sets in

Like sleepless nights are the new norm and apart of your child's neurodivergent diagnosis

Underwater and blurry, panicked and overwhelmed

Like you're barely surviving on coffee and sheer willpower

The lack of good sleep your child had developed mood swings and emotional issues.

You are not able to concentrate on the other important aspects of life because of the exhaustion.

You spend your nights experimenting with various strategies to help your child asleep.

The sleep anxiety further disrupts sleep patterns.

The idea of enjoying relaxed family time feels like an unachievable dream.

Sleep issues can contribute to tremendous behavioral problems in your child such as irritability, hyperactivity, low concentration issues, and difficulty functioning.


I know you have already followed multiple pieces of advice from the internet, but none worked.


And that`s because... 

Every neurodivergent child has unique needs and every unique problem requires a unique solution! 

Overwhelming generic neurotypical solutions from google won't help...


You have to decode the problem first and then design its antidote…

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 it takes on the whole family when everyone is exhausted. We also know how transformational it can be when everyone is finally getting the sleep they need. That’s why we offer a comprehensive approach that WORKS for your unique family situation, to develop healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime. Don't wait another day to book the call that could change your life!

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poor sleep patterns are just part of the neurodivergent diagnosis, but it doesn’t have to be. We specialize in restoring healthy sleep patterns for neurodivergent children and their families. Our program restores more than just healthy sleep patterns. We restore wellbeing, relationships and self-care.

As a neurodivergent sleep specialist,
I am here to help you with my efficient
science-based methods.

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special attention is given to your child's specific needs. We offer holistic solutions and utilize unique strategies, such as natural sleep remedies, behavioral modification, relaxation, diet, sleep hygiene, etc. that could help your neurodivergent child sleep and support their overall development. 


I am a certified sleep consultant and neurodivergent sleep specialist. I've helped numerous families navigate challenging sleep issues using my proven scientific methods.

 With hundreds of hours of training and experience, I understand the importance of healthy sleep for both children and parents.


I am also a mother of a neurodivergent son. Unlike other sleep specialists, I have been in your shoes before. I can deeply feel your frustration and helplessness. That's why I'm so passionate about helping families establish good, healthy sleep habits for their children and teens.

In this program, I have put all my wisdom gained from 


Professional Expertise + Personal Experience!

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Finally, a sleep solution that meets your unique needs and specific challenges.

My in-depth, versatile program includes support to help you achieve your child's restored sleep habits! You'll have more time and patience for yourself, for your spouse, and you''ll feel relief.


Plus, your child will be healthier, and happier with improved behavior and better mental health. 

Sleepless Nights, No More! Forget the stress of trying to get your neurodivergent child to fall asleep and stay asleep. Sleep Restored provides the tools you need to start getting restful nights again.

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Each child possesses a distinct set of challenges that demand tailored solutions. In the support group, you will receive customized solutions to effectively address your individual needs.


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You'll receive access to an ever-expanding toolbox full of workbooks, sleep stories, visual aids, and quick reference handouts! You are given all the tools to not only be successful now, but in the future!

Guest Experts

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In order to deepen your knowledge as a parent, guest experts in other Neurodivergent practices have been brought in to share their expertise. 

Optional 1:1

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You can book additional sleep strategy sessions with a certified sleep consultant if you feel as if you need additional personalized support for your child's unique needs. 

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Sleep Environment

Having an optimal sleep environment is key to getting a good night's sleep. This course module covers how to create the perfect sleep environment for your neurodivergent child. We'll cover everything from noise levels to light exposure to the type of bedding you need. This course module will teach you how to create a sleep environment that is tailored to your specific needs (including sensory considerations) so your child can get the best possible sleep!

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Pre Sleep Schedule & Routines

For your neurodivergent child, a proper sleep schedule and routines are essential to success. This course module covers how to create a personalized pre-sleep schedule and routine that is tailored to to your child'sspecific needs.

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Nighttime Strategies 

In this course module, we will go over what strategies to use at night so they can sleep independently all night long. We will cover responsive science based sleep methods. With these tools, you will be able to help your child sleep through the night so they can sleep well and be rested for the next day.

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Positive Reinforcement 

Create a system that rewards your child for good sleeping habits, with a focus on their unique neurodivergent brain. They will learn to associate sleep with positive experiences, making it an exciting experience where they feel like they have a sense of control.

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Children with sensory integration (SI) needs are more likely to have challenges falling asleep, staying asleep, and/or being comfortable while sleeping. Knowing what your child needs to stay regulated is key. This module is designed to identify your child's specific sensory needs and identify which activities help them relax so they can fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

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Big Feelings

Receive the tools and strategies you need to help your child manage anxiety and understand their big feelings. Through interactive activities, guided visualizations, and expert advice , this module will help your child develop the skills needed for better sleep. With our comprehensive course module, you can take control of your child’s nighttime worries and create long-term solutions for improved sleep.

Join today to get these bonuses...

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Support Community
($347 Value)

Exclusive access to our supportive and encouraging community of other neurodivergent mothers who understand what you're going through and want to support you. Receive support and coaching from our team of Sleep Consultants, specialized in helping children with autism, ADHD, and other special needs.

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Relaxation Strategies
($99 Value)

Learn how to relax your child's body and mind to prepare for sleep. We offer multiple relaxation techniques to help you calm down and get a good night's sleep. This module features guest expert Heather Carroll providing guided relaxation activities.

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FAQ Library
($197 Value)

Full ever-expanding library of answers to your specific question. Topics included are things like day light savings, nighttime potty training, and headbanging/stimming. You will also find guest appearances from other Neurodivergent experts. 

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Sleep Nutrition
($99 Value)

Learn about the best foods to help your child sleep, as well as anti-sleep foods to avoid before bed. Sleep Restored's sleep nutrition module and guide will help your child get the best night's sleep possible!

Bringing peace to families one night at a time

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Here is what you get instantly when you enroll:

Sleep Restored Course ($847 Value)

Ever-Expending Resource Toolbox ($447 Value)

Exclusive Sleep Restored Support Community ($347 Value)

Member Vault ($297)

*BONUS- Sleep Nutrition ($99 Value)

*BONUS - Relaxation Strategies with Expert Guided Sessions ($99 Value)
Total Value $2,136

But you'll get all this for just...

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get your child to sleep through the night and restore your family's quality of life.

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Is investing in professional help worth it?

Your child`s sleep issues are difficult to treat without a professional scientific approach. That`s why generic advice didn't work for you. Rest You decide. What is more important to you a small amount of money or your child`s well-being?

What if I am having trouble and want more support?

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How long do I have access for?

You will have access to the course material FOREVER, along with 3 months of support . This extended period will allow you to thoroughly test the effectiveness of my strategies and seek clarification if any doubts or issues arise. I am fully committed to providing the assistance you need to achieve your goals and ensure that you feel confident and comfortable throughout the process. If in the event you would like to stay in our support group , you can do so with a small monthly fee!

Is my 9 year old to old to receive help?

As a specialist in sleep and a neurodivergent individual, I offer my expertise to support children between the ages of 2 to 12 who are experiencing sleep difficulties. All moms with children of this age group are welcome here.

What makes Sleep Restored's sleep program unique for neurodivergent children?

Our sleep program is tailored specifically for neurodivergent children, which means we take into account the different mental, emotional, and physical needs of these kids. We understand that each child is unique and has their own individual sleep challenges. That's why our approach is designed to help not only identify common sleep issues, but provide support in addressing those issues in a way that works best for your child and their particular circumstances.

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to restoring your child's sleep habits (and your happiness) with

Sleep Restored.

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