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Sleep Stories are audiobooks designed to help your Neurodivergent child relax the mind and body for bedtime. These stories can transform your bedtime frustrations by inducing a state of relaxation. Sleep stories are an easy way to introduce your child to mindfulness which helps with stress and anxiety reduction as well as keeps your child's thoughts from drifting so they can easily fall asleep.

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5 Sleep Stories are Included:

The Velveteen Rabit (30.02)

A Secret Place in the Forest (16:25)

Ice Cream Stand (16:35)

The Magical Forest of Fireflies (17:24)

Dream Chronicles (16:50)

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help your child with the easiest relaxation strategy to get to sleep faster!

Sleep Stories will be "priced" at only $14.99


I'm a certified sleep consultant with hundreds of hours of training and experience helping families navigate tricky sleep issues.


I'm also a mom whose child has combined type ADHD. I've been there. I know that parents often feel overjoyed and yet overwhelmed -- sometimes, all at once. That's why I'm so passionate about helping families establish good, healthy sleep habits for their children and teens.


This sleep eBook will help you with the proven formula to get your Neurodivergent child to sleep with ease!

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