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The Art of Successful Sleep for your Neurodivergent Child

Sign up now for instant access to my FREE video masterclass on getting your neurodivergent child to fall (and stay!) asleep with ease, and finally say goodnight to those bedtime battles!

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Here's what you will learn


The routine your neurodivergent child actually needs to prepare them for a full night’s sleep

How to show your child exactly what’s coming up in their bedtime routine, so they’re excited for sleep time!

Exercises to calm your child’s mind and body in preparation for quality sleep

The answers you need to end bedtime battles!

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Once I realized exactly what MY neurodivergent child needed to help him sleep through the night, it all changed!

When I refused to accept that poor sleep was just part of the life of a neurodivergent child, and started investigating exactly how to get his body and mind ready and excited for a night of deep sleep, I knew I needed to share it.


I spent time, along with my pediatric sleep training, developing the ONLY sleep program designed to help neurodivergent children get the sleep they need while saving the sanity of their parents!


I’ve helped numerous ASD, ADHD and ND children stop fighting their bedtimes and start embracing sleep, and guess what?


I want to share these tactics with you.


For free!


No waffle, no beating around the bush. Just clear, actionable takeaways to help your neurodivergent child sleep tonight!


Ever wondered if it’s even possible to get your neurodivergent child sleeping easily and through the night?

I’m willing to bet this plays on your mind every evening when you’re getting ready to tackle bedtime.


You’ve tried Googling sleep strategies, and none of them have worked for your child. You’ve maybe paid for generic sleep consultations that haven’t been able to meet the needs of your little one, and you’ve felt like writing off all sleep training as a waste of time.

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 poor, inconsistent sleep patterns are just part of the package of parenting a neurodivergent child.


Let me tell you now - that’s just plain wrong!

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to get your child to fall asleep without a fight, and even to look forward to bedtime. And, yes, to get them sleeping independently all night through.

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DONE with psyching yourself up for a bedtime battle every. single. night…

DONE with both you AND your child feeling burnt out from lack of sleep…

DONE with trying every new sleep suggestion you find on Google, only for them to keep failing…

DONE feeling like a broken mama…

… Then this masterclass is screaming your name!

Don’t just take my word for it, see what my clients have to say:

Real People. Real Results

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Hear how Lauren went from 4am wake ups to getting her son sleeping the whole night through using the strategies I will share with you:

I’m you, a few weeks from now.

A mom who struggled with getting her neurodivergent child to just go to bed and fall asleep without having to draw battle lines every night. 


A mom who needed quality sleep for her baby, and her own sanity, in order to function.


I’d tried all the ‘normal’ sleep stuff, and it wasn’t working for my child. I trained as a pediatric sleep consultant, but I could still see that it wasn’t quite right.


I decided I needed to specialize in neurodivergent sleep so that I could help not only my own child start getting the full, quality sleep his body and mind needed, but other moms just like me.


Once I figured out the missing pieces to settle my own neurodivergent child to sleep easily (and stay asleep through the night!) I developed the only sleep program designed to help Neurodivergent children get the sleep they need while saving the sanity of their parents.

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I’ve helped tons of stressed, burnt out parents and overwhelmed children perfect a sleep routine that works for them, taking the children from exhausted and fighting bedtime, waking constantly through the night, to looking forward to bedtime and staying asleep until morning.


Are you the next parent I’m going to help?

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